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An Introduction to domain name registration

An Introduction to domain name registration

In case you are interested in running a website, you must learn a few things including the process of domain name registration. The domain name represents the hostname or the web address that people are using in order to get to your website. Every website comes with a unique domain name. Due to the fact that there are many individuals and organizations interested in using domain names, there are providers that are focused on domain name registration. They are also known as domain name registrars and they serve as a middleman between the private organizations/individuals and the registry that manages domain names. Even though there are dozens of domain name registrars out there, only a few of them are holding most of the shares on this market. Some examples of popular domain name registrars include,, and

Now let’s see what the process of domain name registration includes. In case you want to register a name, you should know that this process is simple and straightforward. Basically, you just have to find a registrar and find a name that is free to use and one that reflects your business.

Keep in mind that millions of people have already registered their websites which is why most of the popular domain names are unavailable. That’s why many website owners have to unleash their creativity and come up with domain names that include more than one or even more than two words, numbers, hyphens and other elements that can help them create unique domain names. In case you can’t find a name that you find attractive, you should probably take these techniques into account.

Future website owners also have to select the top level domain they want to use. The vast majority of website owners use .com top level domains, but solutions like .info, .net, .org, .biz or even the modern .guru, .news and .travel are getting popular too. After you select the domain name, you should choose the number of years that you want to use that name. In most cases, you can use it for up to ten years, but most people choose a year or two because they don’t know whether their venture will be successful.

So, the most difficult part of the domain registration process is to pick a domain name which is popular, catchy and available. Other than this, most of the process is automated and covered by the registrar.

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