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The Advantages and Disadvantages

of Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting services offer hosting of domain names or websites that are located on virtual servers. Servers draw their resources from a wide range of remote web server networks. You can compare cloud hosting with traditional utilities such as electricity and gas, as they follow a utility model to work with where it comes in the form of a service rather than a product. Customers can therefore use the services as much as they wish. While many people in the IT industry agree that cloud hosting can improve web infrastructure, it has its disadvantages and advantages.

Advantages of cloud hosting


Cloud hosting is best for businesses or companies that have varying bandwidth demands. The benefit of using cloud hosting is that you can scale up when the demand rises and scale down when the demand decreases. This flexibility allows companies using cloud hosting to have more advantage over their competitors who don’t use cloud hosting.

Cost efficient

Cloud hosting lowers the high costs of having an infrastructure to host your site. With cloud hosting, you are only supposed to pay just for the resources that you will use. Hence you won’t waste money on unwanted resources. Also, its setup and management are simple and easy to use.

Automatic access to the latest form of technology

A majority of cloud hosting providers usually specialise in one niche, and so there are always in a position to access the newest form of technology in the industry. This gives you the opportunity of enjoying some of the latest technology without having to incur additional costs. Cloud hosting gives you the chance of benefitting from some of the newest development in hardware and software, and a panel of qualified engineers manages these developments. Also, cloud hosting providers ensure that your system will be updated continuously by installing security patches and software updates.

Disadvantages of cloud hosting

The vulnerability of cyber attacks

With cloud hosting, you can be able to get anything from the internet. Anything that has an internet connection is not secure. And even the largest companies can suffer from cyber-attacks and security breaches.

Possible downtime

Downtime is one of the worst disadvantages that you can get with cloud hosting. There’s no cloud hosting provider who can avoid down timing. Cloud hosting relies on some servers which are dependent on the internet for them to function well. This means that if there’s a problem with the internet connection that users will have a difficult time using the service.

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Cloud servers are mainly accessed through the internet, and the speed of your internet connection is the one which will determine how fast you will connect to the cloud servers. The cloud hosting providers complete control access to your server. You won’t have a problem with the servers if you have a good internet connection. Slow internet mainly leads to low speeds which can make you feel frustrated with the cloud hosting servers.

Problems being solved slowly

Hosting your site on the cloud makes everything to run swiftly for you. And this means that your cloud hosting service providers are doing a good job. On the contrary, using cloud hosting doesn’t guarantee you that you won't face problems. At times you can encounter some challenges, and the cloud hosting service providers will take a long time in solving the problem. Not addressing the issues immediately might end up costing your business.


Cloud hosting is a great hosting provider for businesses since they use the latest technologies but like any business they too have their advantages and disadvantages like any other company.


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